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Movers are trained professionals and have the workforce, trucks, and equipment to move virtually everything from a single desk to a large office building.

How Do Office Movers Make Estimates?

Movers have to estimate how long an office move will take. They base these estimates on their own experience, distances involved, prevailing market rates, the size of the offices, and the required equipment, man-hours, and labor to be applied in the house or office move.

Are The Estimates Accurate?

The estimates are usually correct because they have years of experience in the profession. They also offer competitive estimates to attract customers to trust the forecast. You can also compare with other movers to get the average of the prevailing estimates.

Are The Prices Based On Moving Labor?

The prices consider margins, fixed costs, and variable costs like moving labor. Moving labor, the complexity and nature of the move, and equipment play a huge role in the prices. Ask for fixed contract prices instead of paying an hourly rate to reduce your costs.

How To Keep My Cost Down While Moving?

There are several ways you can keep your costs down when moving office or house. For example, you can research to determine the most affordable movers, use truck rentals, use reputable and established professionals, take up moving insurance, plan your move, and see if there are any deals or discounts.

Is Moving Insurance Necessary?

A moving insurance policy covers you for a lot more than just damage done to your belongings during the move. For example, suppose a family member passes away while you are packing up things or unpacking after the move. In that case, this type of policy will also help you financially by covering funeral expenses. Moving insurance is not very expensive. It is worth buying because it protects your personal belongings and offers financial help when something bad happens during the moving process.

How Far In Advance To Schedule My Moving Trip?

It is a good idea to schedule your moving trips about two months in advance. In a worst-case scenario, four weeks is also allowable. Scheduling with plenty of time in advance allows you enough time to plan things properly. You will also get a cheaper price and experience fewer problems with scheduling.

What Happens If Our Moving Dates Changes?

If your moving dates change, you should inform your mover immediately as this allows them to plan for the new date. You will also benefit from the extra time to arrange for movers and packers. In addition, by giving early notification your mover will have time to make other arrangements if they cannot move on to the new date.

If they need to re-quote, they can do so accurately once they know exactly when you’re moving. Once you have a confirmed moving date, it’s always advisable to again contact your mover to tell them the new date just so there is no confusion about when you’re moving.

Is There Anything You Can’t Move?

While you can move most things you have, moving companies cannot move hazardous or flammable materials like paints, propane tanks, motor oil, acids, pool chemicals, aerosols, or pesticides.

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