Moving can be a pretty costly and stressful venture whether you are moving locally (within the same region) or making a long-distance move. If you are considering moving, then there are several factors you need to look into that will affect your general moving cost.


These factors include:

· The available options of packing and moving companies 

Do some research on moving companies. Look at their services, protection covers, and reviews from previous clients.


· The size of your home

A two or three-bedroom house will have more items as compared to a one-bedroom apartment. The weight of your household items also plays a vital role in determining the moving cost.


· Packing

Are you going to do your packing? Are you going to provide the packing tools, or are you going to depend on the packing services offered by the moving company? Do you have a lot of fragile packing, and will these packages need special transportation?


· Moving distance

As expected, moving short distances within the same locality will cost less than a long distance.


· The moving date

Weekend, end month, and summer moves tend to be more expensive. 


Liability and Coverage Costs

In most cases, the moving companies include Released Value Protection in the moving cost. But, you may be moving precious property and need full coverage for them. It is crucial to look for a company that offers Full Value Protection for your valuable goods. This way, you are assured of reimbursements in case of damage or destruction of your property. 


Hiring a Moving Company 

The Moving Price – Ask yourself, is this price worth the move? Consider the services that are listed and if they are extensive enough. What is the protection plan included in the moving cost? 

The flexibility of your payment plays a central role in deciding the type of moving company. If you have limited moving funds, then you should consider the Do It Yourself alternative. You can hire a truck from some car rentals, pack your stuff, and move. If you are moving over a long distance, then you should contemplate hiring a moving container. Think about all the pros and cons of each option, compare your payment plan, and then make the right decision.


How to Cut on Moving Costs

  • Remove all the things you are not using anymore before the move. Go through every room and find all the things that haven’t been in use for several months. These abandoned items may be of service to other people. Consider donating or selling these items after decluttering.


  • Do your packing. Find enough boxes and start early. Pack all things carefully while labeling each package for easier unpacking. 


  • As earlier noted, consider a DIY move. It is cheap but can be very hectic.


  • Choose favorable moving dates. You can decide to move on a weekday instead of a weekend. You can also opt for an off-peak moving season, such as between late fall to winter.


  • While saving on moving costs, you can compare several moving companies and settle on a cheaper but efficient one.


The Average Packing and Moving Costs

The local area’s packing and moving cost in San Diego, CA, averages $1250 and up to $4890 for moving to a distant place about 1000 miles away. This estimate is for between a two or three-bedroom house move


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