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Your home is an extension of you. That’s why we treat your belongings with as much respect as we would treat you. When you want delicate and important items moved with the utmost care, you should only go with white glove movers. We pack items and furniture so that they suffer as little shock as possible. We are also prepared to move large and oddly-shaped items. You will only get your items in the pristine shape they started out in if you go with Pro Delivery Service in San Diego, CA.

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San Diego Packing and Moving

These movers handle the delicate objects of luxury homes every single day. They are always conscious of how fragile their cargo is. You should expect nothing less from your movers. Only our movers can bring off your move without a hitch. It’ll be like your tables, chairs, and bureaus were teleported from one place to the other! We know how to pack things so that they jostle as little as possible, and we know how to insulate against the elements without intruding on the object itself. We are especially conscious of oil paintings and the attention they require. When it comes to other special objects, like upright pianos or motorcycles, we’ve got you covered there, too. If you’re stressed about your move, we invite you to take your mind off of it completely and relax. Let us do the hard part for you.


Local And Interstate Moves

Our job is to take all of the objects in one room and put them in another room hundreds of miles away. If you think it isn’t possible, think again. We have the training and experience to pull off a job like this with the care it requires. Is your new residence or workplace not ready yet? We’ve got storage solutions to keep your belongings safe until the new space is ready. At no point will your furniture be in a situation less stable than your very own living room. We have consolidation and space-efficiency techniques down to a science.

Multi-Unit Moves

We know the logistics of multi-unit moves can be tough. That’s why we think them through beforehand with the conscientiousness of a watch-maker. There will be no confusion about which pieces go where, and you can be sure you’ll never have to deal with the headache of a stray chair or desk getting sent to the wrong place. Everything will go to its proper place, rest assured.

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A move doesn’t have to be stressful. Okay, most of them are going to be – that’s why we are so passionate about flipping the script and delivering an experience like you’ve never had. Our white-glove movers are ready to teleport everything commercial & office packing and moving. We’re kidding when we say “teleport”; it won’t be science fiction, but it’ll sure feel like it was when you see your furniture safe and sound at your new home. Contact Pro Delivery Services in San Diego, CA., today.

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