For San Diego Moving, or any move for that matter, it is important to protect your walls.

This is because it will ensure that you don’t damage your house in any way. If you’re not too careful the walls will be filled with scratches and dents. You may have put in a lot of work to renovate your house before moving in.

Most movers and packers in San Diego are not too careful about this. But, When you hire us for your San Diego move you will not have to worry about any property damage.

Our professional movers in San Diego have undergone training on how to minimize and avoid wall damages.


Take These Precautions To Protect Your Walls While Moving

Wrap The Furniture In Plastic

When you hire us to help you move around San Diego, we will ensure we wrap your sofa and hardwood tables in plastic. Most of this furniture has rough edges and sharp corners that will damage the walls. It is therefore important to ensure they are wrapped using protective plastic.

Other than using plastics our movers and packers in San Diego will also cover them using towels or blankets. These blankets and towels will help in absorbing shock from hits to protect the walls from dents and scratches.

In addition to that, our moving service in San Diego will provide bungee cords for securing moving furniture like dresser drawers.


Cushion Corners Using Corner Guards

Corners are the most affected part of a house during moving. As a way of protecting corners from dents and scratches our professional San Diego moving team will cushion the corners for you.

For corner cushioning we usually use plastic, steel, or wooden corner guards. There is also the option of using cardboard and bubble wrap. All these will provide the needed resistance for wall protection.


Cover The Walls Using Blankets And Sheets

To ensure your walls remain unscathed it’s recommendable to use protective pads. Blankets and sheets provide soft padding that absorbs hits when moving large and heavy furniture.

You should focus on padding walls that are exposed to direct hits. For example, walls close to the exits should be covered. Use masking tape to secure blankets and sheets.


Disassemble Your Furniture

Large and oversized furniture may get stuck between walls during moving. Hence it’s advisable to disassemble them into smaller units for easy movement. While moving, hire our movers and Packers in San Diego.

We will ensure to disassemble and reassemble your furniture for you during and after moving.


Get A Reliable Moving Company

If you want your belongings and home in perfect condition, consider hiring a professional moving team. They will come to the moving site with the right equipment and tools. We are the best movers in San Diego. Trust us to give you a smooth moving experience as we protect your walls from unwanted damage.


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For San Diego moving contact Pro Delivery Services. We are among the best moving companies in San Diego. There is nothing that our team cannot accomplish when it comes to moving and packing.

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