You may not like the idea of moving, but there are times it is inevitable. Leaving your comfort zone poses lots of challenges as you worry about handling your belongings during the process. This is a valid fear, and you need to get assurance from the moving company about the safe handling of your items. Pro Delivery Services comes highly recommended as one of the best white glove moving services within San Diego. White glove movers guarantee your items’ safety as they ensure all your belongings are kept in their original condition after moving. Read on to learn more about the benefits of white glove movers.

What Is White Glove Moving Services?

White glove services mean paying extra attention to each item and handling them with care. White glove movers are trained professionals with years of hands-on experience in the meticulous handling of items. Valuable or fragile items are best moved with the help of white glove movers. 

White Glove Movers vs. Standard Movers

Extra care and attention to detail are advantages of hiring white glove services over standard movers. White glove movers go overboard to ensure the safety of all items in their care while moving. On the other hand, standard movers care so little about the safety of your items as they aim to move your things as quickly as possible. Items are either lost or damaged with the way standard movers go about their businesses. However, companies like Pro Delivery Services go the extra mile to ensure moving trucks are well padded to retain each item’s original state.

Also, some standard moving companies have hidden costs that you are unaware of, and it could become an issue later on. Another reason to choose white glove movers is that most standard moving companies can’t handle all your items. You may need to find out specifically about this before hiring standard movers. The best bet is for you to hire white glove movers as they can move all your items at once.

A Brief Overview Of White Glove Movers Services

  • Packing and Unpacking – A significant difference between white glove movers and standard movers is that white glove movers offer comprehensive moving service and handle packing and unpacking. You will appreciate these extra services if you have ever engaged a standard mover service. Packing and unpacking is a stressful and time-consuming activity that Pro Delivery Services handles so well.
  • Setup and AssemblyWhite glove movers do not stop at the unpacking stage; they also help to install the items moved. In case you need help assembling your furniture, Pro Delivery Services will help. Glove movers take charge of your entire moving process from start to finish.

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