Winter moving might sound like a hassle because of the cold, and snowy weather conditions but you will be surprised to discover that it’s a great time to move.

While it is presumed to be challenging, there are many reasons why moving in the winter wouldn’t generally be a bad idea.


Moving In The Winter Tips And Advantages

Availability of Moving Companies in Winter

Given that most Americans move during the summer season, the demand for professional moving companies is high. About 80% of shifting happens in April and November, while July, August, and September are also peak seasons for moving.

Movers are usually available and less busy, which makes moving in the winter months more timely. Because moving companies have fewer delivery schedules during the winter season,  that means your belongings will arrive sooner due to fewer engagements.


Moving In the winter is Cheaper

The best reason to opt for moving in winter is the financial advantage. Moving costs money, but moving during winter helps you save some cash on moving costs.

Because the demand for moving companies is less during the winter months and they offer low rates, sometimes you get a 20% to 30% discount compared to other months.

And if you want to stock up your luggage in between moves, you will notice that storage unit rental charges are low during the winter months as well.


You Won’t Break A Sweat

Loading and unloading your belongings will be easier to process during the chilled winter months because moving boxes and furniture in 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit heat is never easy.

Exhaustion is a bad risk. Winter moving piles on the lighter layer then moving them as you work up a sweat.


Moving In Winter Tips 

Be flexible

Prepare yourself to be flexible when you plan to move because of the unpredictable nature of winter weather. Allow yourself extra time during your moving plan, and get updated forecasts regularly.

Inquire about your preferred moving company’s policies on climate and delays on your chosen moving day


Create a safe moving environment

Before moving in winter, shovel away snow from your entryways, driveway, pathway and make sure all paths in your house are wide enough.

To prevent a slippery surface, cover floors with cardboard sheets. It will also save you trailing in

muddy footprints through your house.


Stock Up On Emergency Supplies and warm beverages Before Moving In Winter

When you are the one driving your moving van, make sure you are stocked up with emergency tools, and beverages for winter weather, such as boots and warm clothes, kitty litter for traction, hot drinks, and snacks that are worth packing.

Being friendly and polite with your mover makes moving in the winter months easier and stress-free. Showing them kind gestures like offering meals and coffee keeps them motivated to complete the moving process with a happy face and in better cheers.

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