You have debated for months without end, but one decision stands tall amidst all the other factors: you have to move! Moving services can get more complicated when your office furniture is involved. While new beginnings are perfect for better days, you may wonder if the relocation is necessary, especially if you have no idea who can make the process smooth and save you the headaches. So, selecting office furniture moving companies that are committed to serving their customers is crucial.


Searching for office furniture moving companies?

At Pro Delivery Service, you can trust us to safely move your furniture and equipment to your desired location while maintaining their condition. Relocating is costly; that’s why we offer competitive services with little downtime.

So, why choose us?

  1. A family-owned business with values

Pro Delivery Service is owned and run by a family with all the values an office moving company should uphold. We take the time to select our staff carefully and believe in quality over quantity. Our staff has been vetted thoroughly to ensure our customers can trust our team members to get the job done.

  1. Experience

Having served San Diego for six years, we have seen it all from the tiny to the significant details that movers miss, contributing to a seamless process or one with problems all over. We are confident that our knowledge and special tools will help promote a well-thought relocation. Our years of multiple office installs and relocations have served us well and helped us improve our services. Over and over, we prove our competence to our clients.

  1. Licensure and insurance

Office moving involves a lot of risks that could lead to massive financial losses. With our insurance, you can rest assured that we are legally bound to keep your property safe and that we will undoubtedly meet and exceed your expectations. We will also ensure that your fragile property is under the best care with our professional equipment, including dollies and padding. We are also licensed to meet any moving needs locally and across the State of California.

  1. Excellent customer service

We are passionate about delivering excellent customer service. All our work exhibits professionalism since we treat every client like we have no other. We make weekly trips to Los Angeles from San Diego and have a broad range of moving and packing services tailored to meet your needs. From disassembling, transporting to reassembling, let the pros do the heavy lifting for you. Besides, our tracks are clean and well-maintained, and we always meet deadlines per our clients’ specifications. Check out our customer reviews on our website to get a feel of what we can do.

  1. We offer unlimited support.

Whether we are moving a cubicle or the photocopier, we know that every component of your office is essential. That’s why we provide timely and explicit communication of the whole process. We also put adequate planning into the moving process.

  1. Custom quotes

It’s easier to offer precise quotes for residential moving services; it’s very different for office moving. The latter is more challenging because there are all kinds of furniture, equipment, and paperwork involved. Even worse are the additional files of different departments that shouldn’t blend, calling for exemplary organization skills. As office professional movers, our highly trained team is up to the task for all these needs. Hence, we give customized quotes to ensure all your requirements and specifications are met. In addition, we offer upfront and realistic quotes for our services. So, no hidden charges!

Are you searching for office furniture moving companies in California? At Pro Delivery Service, we take pride in our professional and quality moving services. Besides, we are your one-stop point for any and all furniture transportation needs. We are your trusted moving partner because we treat your property like it’s our own. Call us today for a stress-free moving service!

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