If you live in San Diego and plan to move houses, you should look for white glove movers. Not only will we ensure that all your stuff arrives safely at your new home, but we will also give you a few tips on unboxing.

Unboxing or unpacking can be one of the most frustrating things about moving. You are in your new home; you can see that the box is labeled kitchen cutlery, but you end up having a hard time getting to your kitchen stuff since you cannot open the box!

So, this is a strategy guide to unpacking.

Here are some rules;

Start by packing right

Moving companies will tell you that you should pack the box right in the first place. When you correctly pack, you will have an easy time unpacking.

Be kind to yourself and try to think about unpacking when you are packing. Be organized and start packing room by room. Don’t stop there though, go one step further and label the boxes as needed. You will thank yourself later for this.

The same thinking should be used while unpacking

If you packed room by room, it should make sense that unpacking room by room is the best option. Do not end up driving yourself crazy by unpacking a few boxes at a time and then end up hopping from room to room

Dedicate one room at a time. For example, commit to the kitchen first, as you may need to eat something later on, and once you are done in there, go on to the next room.

Now, before you unpack…

Here are some things you can do;

  • Discuss the process with the people helping you, such as your spouse, friends, kids, and family.
  • Come up with a system, such as taking note of all the damaged items.
  • It would help if you started with the essential rooms in order, such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.

The Room by Room Guide

If you are stranded, a simple google search for “white glove movers near me” will direct you to the nearest white glove movers company within your area for help.

We promise that we are one of the best movers in San Diego, and when it comes to a room-by-room guide, we advise you to focus most of your attention on the most important rooms.

  • The kitchen – start here, as we have advised above.
  • The Master Bedroom

You can tackle this room pretty quickly as you need to sleep tonight. So, try to work on it well and not in a hurry, because when the exhaustion of moving finally hits, you will want your little haven to relax in.

  • Living room – Unpacking this will take time, as you also need to organize it too.


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